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A manufacturing unit of Kraft and Duplex Paper.

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BIO GREEN PAPERS LIMITED is a public listed company listed with Bombay Stock Exchange registered under the Companies Act 1956 with the main objective to carry on the business of manufacturing, trading & various other business activities relating to all kinds & classes of paper like Board, Kraft writing paper etc.
The Kraft Paper produced by the Company is of 70 GSM to 170 GSM quality range and used to make corrugated boxes,

  • Kraft
  • Duplex Board

Manufacturing Facilities

The company’s manufacturing facilities are located in Akkurada Village, Jalumuru Mandal, Srikakulam District, Andhra Pradesh on the NH – 5, which is 120 kms distance to Visakhapatnam by Road.


Manufacturing Process of Kraft & Duplex Board


The waste paper is so chosen that no deinking process is involved. Waste Paper is ...

Paper Making

Paper can be defined as a sheet or continuous web of fibres. The strength of ...

Finishing & Storage

The dried paper is trimmed in slitter for required width – usually 48” and packed ...


The average recycling of waste paper in the country is estimated to be 17% compared to an average of 40% in advanced countries. This is due to diversion of waste paper for packing and other uses and difficulty in collection from all parts of the country.

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