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40 TPD Capacity of Kraft Paper

Production of diverse range of Kraft Paper ranging from 70 GSM to 170 GSM and

bursting factor (BF) from 12 BF to 25 BF.

Kraft Paper Board:

GSM BF Width Cobb Dia of Reel Colour
70 to 170 12 to 25 2.5 m 30-450 48* max As per customers requirement

End Use:

To make corrugated boxes, Paper Tube/Cone/Core / Match Boxes/Shoe Boxes, Cosmetic Containers etc.

40 TPD Capacity of Duplex Board:

Production of diverse range of Duplex Board ranging from 150 GSM to 600 GSM.

GSM Width Cobb Colour
150 to 600 2.5 m 30-450 As per customers requirement

End Use:

Gift Boxes /Shoe Boxes/Product Packaging Boxes/ Food Packaging / Flat Files.

Product Usage:

The Kraft paper is largely used for manufacturing of corrugated boxes and carry bags, demand for which depends upon the industrial growth, the main demand drivers being horticulture, textiles, food, edible oils, consumer durables and FMCG industries.

The demand for Duplex boards is dependent upon the industrial growth rates in pharmaceuticals, cigarettes, hosiery products, matchboxes and agarbatti industries.